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Mike Senior & Jon Whitten survey the project-studio world over a nice steaming cuppa

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Mike Senior

Mike is a professional audio engineer, author of Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio & Recording Secrets For The Small Studio and a regular contributor to Sound On Sound's popular Mix Rescue, Session Notes, and The Mix Review columns.

He also hosts the Cambridge-MT educational site, including the web's largest free multitrack download library for students/teachers of mixing. Like most studio rats, he'll drink practically anything brown and wet, but given the choice it'll be milky Earl Grey every time.

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Jon Whitten

Jon a composer for dance and theatre who's taken to podcasting like a duck to warfare.

He's collaborated with alt-j, Sam Lee, Charles Castronovo, and performed on the Glastonbury Acoustic Stage, Later... with Jules Holland, and Tiny Desk. He even once saw Paul Simon topless.

He prefers teas with unpronounceable names and rich histories he can waffle on about in company: Roibos, Mate, Tieguanyin, you get the idea.

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